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The Salesman VS The Entrepreneur

The Salesman VS The Entrepreneur

The sales man vs the entrepreneur

I once received an email from a guy that said to me, he has the mindset of an entrepreneur and simply wants to know  how to be a successful entrepreneur. Specifically with an online based business. But then he said “I want to do this without having to sell anything. So can I make money in an online without selling anything?”.

I chuckled after reading that, then I responded to him…

I told him that a business is not a business without having a product or service to sell. And the only way a business can receive money is by the money being paid to them by a customer who purchased the product or service.

This may sound obvious to those who currently have a business, but here’s why most people fear having to sell anything… 

When most people think of “selling”, they visualize a door to door salesman or some kind of telemarketer. Which is the last  thing most people care to be. And I don’t blame them for not wanting to be a traditional salesman. It’s typically such a low paid profession, you have to make phone calls, put together presentations, be a great communicator, travel and even deal with rejections all the time.   

Sounds fun, right?? Didn’t think so. 😛

I want to teach you how to sell like an entrepreneur, because there’s something that entrepreneurs understand about selling that most sales people and telemarketers don’t.

You see, when it comes to selling a product or service, people (the buyers) don’t like to be “sold”, although they love to buy. And here’s what I mean…

For example, you are in your favorite shopping mall or convenience store… A sales associate eyes you from a distance and then walks up to you and ask “Can I help you find something?” The first thought that comes to mind, even if you are interested in buying something.. “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

This is because most people don’t like to feel pressured into buying something even if they are interested. And it’s a fact that most sales people are unconsciously pushy and aggressive when it comes to selling things, which runs most people away. 

Selling as an entrepreneur

Now selling as an entrepreneur is about giving value to your customers, and presenting your product or service in a way that benefits them whether or not they buy the first time they see it. And when they are ready to buy, they do so without feeling pressured and happy that they done so.

And I know this because I have literally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products to online customers that happily bought without feeling pressured. I learned from one of my great mentors  how to outsell the competition without picking up a phone call or involving family and friends, even if you’re a complete beginner. 

With these same techniques, is why for example some real estate agents earn $500,000+ per year, while some other real estate agents only earn around $50,000 per year. It’s because one is going about it from an entrepreneur’s prospective and the other from a sales person’s prospective.

So if you are someone that fears having to try and sell someone something and never made a dime selling on the internet, understand that I personally felt this same way when I first turned to the online world to build a business. But not only have I created great success as a home-based entrepreneur, I have taught many beginners how to get started and how to create a successful business online. If you have this desire and want to learn more about truly earning a real income online fast, then listen up…

Learn how to sell almost virtually anything online without prospecting, phone calling, presentations, selling to family and friends, and even if you aren’t tech savy. Click the button below to learn more…

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How To Legally Avoid Paying Most Of Your Taxes

How To Legally Avoid Paying Taxes

How To Legally Avoid Paying Most Of Your Taxes

Those who already have a home business may or may not already know… But if you are earning over $22,000 per year at your normal job, then there’s a 98% chance you are paying far more taxes than you need to.

Did you know that the average person that works a normal job gives almost 5 months of their total income just to pay taxes?

Don’t think that’s true? Consider this…

You are taxed when you make money, you are taxed when you spend money, and you are even taxed when you save money. So when a person that works a normal job gets their paycheck, taxes are already withheld before they even receive it. Then once they receive their net pay, they pay their bills, debt, expenses and liabilities etc, which are all also taxed. And even the money that you save is taxed for any interest you earn.

So if you were to add up all your taxes, not just your W2 taxes at the end of the year, but everything and also receipts from every bill you paid and everything you purchased for the year, I guarantee you will shocked about how much you paid compared to what you earned.

Now I know there’s tax credits and things you can earn that qualifies most people for a tax refund at the end of the year. But the refund you receive is still only just “some” of the money you paid.

How to legally avoid taxes with your home business

Now obviously, you are always going to have to pay some kind taxes. Especially if you live in the US or Canada. But here’s how you can avoid paying most of your taxes when you have a home business…

You get your gross pay, no taxes withheld. Pay your expenses, liabilities, insurance, rent/mortgage and even the food/meals out of your gross income FIRST… Then you are only taxed on the money you have left. Also anything you have to purchase for your business, such a buying a system or website, computer, laptop, tablet, printer, and even fuel for places you may have to travel, and even home repairs are all tax write-offs!

The reason you can do this is because a home business is just the same as a traditional brick and mortar business. Although no taxes are withheld out of your business pay, this will still save you tons of money when you file your taxes.


By working just a normal job, you get none of these things a tax write off. So just by starting a home business, regardless of how much money you make, you are still eligible for all these credits and write-offs.

I know a guy that’s currently working with me that had a job that was paying him around $70,000 per year. And since he’s single and has no children or dependents, about $2,300 per month was withheld from his pay just for income taxes. And at the end of the year he would only get a small tax refund, and sometimes even owe taxes.

Isn’t that crazy?

But after he started his home business, he spent a lot of time still working his job, in and out of town and didn’t get to spend much time at all working his business. I believe he barely earned $1,500 in his business for the entire year. Although he only made $1,500, a home business is still a business and he was able to claim all the write-offs as explained above. And no lie, he got back over $12,000 as a tax refund last year. Because of his business, he was able to get back most of those tax dollars he was paying out of each of his paychecks from his job.

Disclaimer… Although what I mentioned above are true facts, but please understand that I am not an accountant or tax consultant, and I am not guaranteeing a home business will solve any tax problems you may have. Tax laws will vary from country to country, and can vary from person to person. For instance, tax laws may differ if you live outside the US or Canada. And if you owe back taxes to the IRS or to your state, or if you are working with a tax attorney for tax repayment, your tax situation will obviously differ and these credits may not apply to you.

But from my personal experience, taxes will usually work in your favor when you decide to start a part time home business, even if you still keep your job. Now typically, when you earn over $250,000 per year in your business is when your tax situation changes. And at that time it’s highly recommended to hire a personal tax consultant or accountant to handle your taxes.

But I hope this was helpful. Just keep this in mind when you start your home business, even if you only work part time, you can still write off your rent/mortgage, utility bills, home repairs, food, travel costs (fuel, airfare, hotel) and anything you had to pay out of pocket for your business.

And the list goes on…

Now I obviously recommend people to try and make as much money as possible in their business, but I know some people that only joined a home business just for the tax breaks and not for the money. But you can decide after -> watching this video <-



How To Free Yourself From Poverty Forever

How To Free Yourself From Poverty ForeverHow To Free Yourself From Poverty Forever

In this post, I want to talk about some of the things that keeps people bound to poverty and why people continuously fail through-out their entire life. Although there are many reasons, there’s one reason in particular that I know is stopping a large percentage of the population from ever achieving success.

The Past

There are many people that can literally turn their life around in an instant if they would just let go of the past. People blame something that happened to them long ago as an excuse why they must stay poor and living in poverty their entire life.

If you are constantly visualizing, thinking and reminding yourseld everyday of a bad experience that happened in the past, this will continually keep you bound to that experience.

Blaming Things and people

There’s also some that blame other people and things about why they can’t achieve success. They blame their parents, their spouse, their children, their job, the economy, and some even blame God. And there are people that blame bad previous experiences, such as a past failure about why success is no longer an option for them.

The reason these things will permanently bind you to poverty

When you go through life each day carrying this kind of weight, it will keep you bound right where you are forever, no matter what it is you are trying to achieve. But know that you can break free from it at any time when you begin believing and doing opposed to what people who stay in poverty are doing.

If you are one of the people that’s always struggling with finances, understand that being broke is just temporary and can change at any time. But being poor is carrying around a poverty mindset (the kind of weight as explained above), which can last for a lifetime if you never do anything about it

Freeing yourself from poverty

To free yourself from being poverty and being poor, you must first let go of the past and stop blaming others for being in your situation, even if it’s true. Then start thinking and visualizing more about the life and things that you truly DO want, instead of the things you don’t want.

And only follow and listen to positive influences, such as the people who have what you want and living the kind of life you desire. This is very important because the blind cannot lead the blind. So stop taking advice and following people who aren’t going in the direction you want to go. Especially if they have negative things to say about what you are trying to achieve.

If you focus everyday on exactly what it is you truly desire to achieve, and follow only positive influences and role models that has what you desire to achieve, then it’s literally inevitable to achieve your desire at some point.

So again, you must first let go of the past bad experiences, stop blaming others and focus daily on the things you desire to happen in your life. Because whether you believe it or not, it keeps you bound when you are continuously focusing on the things you don’t want to happen.

And as scary and strange as it sounds, when you think too hard about what you don’t want to happen can actually bring it to past and cause it to actually happen. So never focus too hard and clearly see in your mind what you don’t want to happen. This is not with just success, but anything in life.

Instead, see in your mind what you DO want to happen. Set an intention to achieve it, believe it, seek role models who have it, and I can guarantee if you stay persistent and consistent, you will find wealth, peace and whatever it is you truly desire in life.

The Secret To A Successful Home Business

The Secret To A Successful Home Business

The key to a successful business

The secret to a successful home business…

In this article, I am going to share with you the real secret to being successful making money as a home based business entrepreneur, while avoiding scams and wasting your money. 

And it’s more simple than you might think, so be sure to read this entire article…

You will learn why you may have struggled so hard in the past and wasted so much money trying to make money

And no, the secret to being successful is NOT some special push button software or magic potion that’s going to instantly cause money to rain down from heaven. 

Now think about it…. Isn’t the internet full of schemes that claim they have a system that can do such a thing for people? They promise all the riches in the world if you’d just buy what they have.

Then after you join, you find that it’s actually not as simple as they made it seem, the system is complicated and you can’t seem to get any help or guidance from a real person.

Can you relate to this kind of experience in any way?

Well in my opinion, this why 97% of people struggle to make any money and end up frustrated. 

Don’t let this be you… Know that there’s no such magical system or software that can instantly make you money without doing anything. So, all those get rich quick systems for $47, $97, and $297 etc, stay away from them. Because if the average person got the kind of results as seen in their video, they for one certainly wouldn’t be selling it to people at the prices they sell it for, and most of the world’s population would be rich by now.

Now there are some people that’s reading this may not like what I am saying. Because they rather me “lie” to them and say “Hey, just buy this magical system and make $X by tomorrow”

I am here to tell you, it doesn’t work that way. Unless you win the lottery.

But here’s how you can succeed FAST in your business…

Now I want to be honest in saying that you can truly start a home business and make money fast, but know that it has nothing to do with some kind of super system or website.

Good systems are only designed to take a good sales process and present it in a way that anyone can use, while eliminating tech challenges and saving you time and effort. That’s it.

It has nothing to do with how much money you can make. If it were so, everyone would get the same results. And as you may be able relate, most people don’t get any results. Because they think the magic is in the system and it will magically produce money for them.


Success Key # 1:  Mentoring from someone who’s walked the walk.

One of my mentors taught me that…

Doing the honest thing over the profitable thing will make you far

more profitable than you could ever imagine 

Now if you truly want to be successful in the online world and home business industry, first take your mind off of trying to make a quick sale off people. Especially if you are promoting or selling something you don’t really believe in yourself. You must be passionate about what it is you are doing before you can succeed.


Success Key # 2: Promote a product because of what it can do for people, not because of how much you can earn from it…

Stop being persuaded into joining a business or opportunity just because of the big houses and big cars of the people in the videos, and being told you can have that kind of life and earn a gazillion dollars just by buying what they are selling. Because trust me, you will be disappointed. But if you instead follow your passion, find a “need” in the industry you are passionate about, provide a real solution to those who can benefit from what you have, then you not ever have to worry about struggling in life because of the lack of money.


Success Key # 3:  Success is a formula, not an accident.

Understand that success does not come by accident. The 2% of people who succeed and make an extraordinary amount of money in their business do it purposely, not by accident. Success in any business can be engineered and works the same way every single time.

So if you feel that these 3 Success Keys make sense and you now understand what may separate those of us who succeed and those who fail, connect with me and allow me to share with you how I have earned multiple 6 figures online working part time from the comfort of my home.



Craigslist charging fees for all job postings??

Craigslist Now Charging Fees For All Job Postings??

Craigslist charging fees for all job postings

I think most internet and business opportunity marketers knew that it would come to this at some point.

But if you are someone that highly depended on Craigslist to promote your biz opp or networking marketing opportunity, continue to read because I am going to show you a solution to get tons of exposure to your opportunity for FREE, but without Craigslist.

Why I believe Craigslist is charging fees for all categories…

I will first be honest in saying that I have too posted many biz opp ads on Craigslist during my initial time marketing online, but Craigslist has made it clear that NO MLM, Business Opportunities, Referral Marketing, or Deferred Paying opportunities are allowed to be posted on Craigslist. But based on what most network marketing companies teach, most simply ignore the terms and post their ads anyway.

And really it has been getting ridiculous, all the spam that’s on Craigslist. It’s one thing to post a business opportunity in a targeted category. But when people are spamming their biz opp in places such as Engineering or Transportation, it gets annoying and unattractive. But the main reason I think Craigslist did this was because of the spam softwares.

There are softwares out there that has proxy systems built-in that can post ads automatically in every category and in every city. And this is certainly annoying to anyone who finds the ad, even if the job seeker is interested in the opportunity.

I believe Craigslist should charge fees to post in job categories…

I find it pretty sad that so many network marketing companies base their training and teach their affiliates to advertise on Craigslist as their number one advertising source. Although it is strictly against Craigslist’s terms. Which is why there are more skeptical people on Craigslist than almost any other place.

Not only that, Craigslist has become saturated with so many of these biz opps and network marketing opportunities, and no matter how many algorithms  Craigslist come up with to stop and cut down on the spam, a new software is developed to get around it.

And using any kind of automated tools to scrape leads, spam and clearly violate the terms is NOT an attractive way to market your opportunity anyway. I personally average 300-600 leads per day, which half of these leads are FREE and not one has come from Craigslist.

How To Get FREE Leads Online Without Craigslist

It doesn’t matter what kind of opportunity you are in. Whether it is MLM (Multi Level Marketing), internet marketing, direct sales, real estate, referral marketing, you can literally get hundreds of leads per day for free to your business without spamming, scraping leads, Craigslist, Backpage or any free classified site for that matter.

Gurus like to teach new marketers to find their leads at classified sites instead of teaching them to truth about driving targeted traffic to their offer and doing it in an attractive spam-free way. And if you are tired of being given the run around, working hard and posting ads like crazy, ads getting ghosted, and not making money anyway, then here’s your solution…

Get THOUSANDS of FREE Leads Online Without Craigslist

A good friend of mine by the name of Vick Strizheus is offering a 100% FREE training course called Total Domination Engineering that teaches the complete beginner how he was able to pull over 500,000 leads online at ZERO Cost. And none of these leads came from Craigslist or any classified ad type website.

Learn what 98% of internet marketers who are failing don’t know. If you always wanted to know the truth about getting leads and sales in our business with little effort, then be sure to check out Total Domination Engineering. And know that the techniques outlined in this free training is where almost 200 of my daily leads come from.

This information is truly all 100% FREE. No surprises, so put your credit cards away, sit back and prepare to take notes and learn why some of us are succeeding easily online and why most others struggle to earn a dime online.

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Payified is Verified A SCAM!! See Details

Payified is Verified A SCAM

Payified is a scam

I hate to break the news, but Payified has been verified a scam. There’s no proof of anybody who received their Payment on  August 15th like they promised.

If you didn’t see where I explained why I thought this was a scam in the first place, check out my initial Payified Review blog post.

I just logged into my backoffice and it is now showing the next payment date of August 31st.  But the problem is, no matter how many times you take the survey, it still says your payout is pending and there’s no where to set your payout options. Survey

What’s happening is each time a unique person takes the “ survey”, Payified earns a commission from some affiliate company. And that’s the primary objective in this Payified scam.  They have no intentions of paying you for your clicks to your link. In fact, I haven’t shared my link with one person but each time I login, my pending pay is getting higher. So that shows it’s fake and not even a real payment calculator.

What to do since Payified is a scam?

I understand it’s a big disappointment and feels like a big kick in the stomach to have worked so hard at this to now know that you are not going to get paid for it. But number one thing would be to stop promoting your link.

It’s obviously not your fault that Payified is a scam, but now that you know you should now stop promoting your link and delete all your Payified links off your Facebook wall. Also notify your friends on your Facebook page to do the same, to NOT complete it and signup. Because they will only be helping to pay the Payified scammers more money, it will not benefit you. This is also so your family and friends can trust you again, especially when you go to promote another income making opportunity.

Then delete any postings you may have made about Payified from Craigslist or any related classified websites. Then soon hopefully the FTC will shut down their website and the Payified scam will be gone for good.

Payified Scam- Last thing to do…. Like and Share This Page

I ask that you share and like this page so the word may get around to stop this “Payified Scam”. It is still going viral in many places, especially those that recently joined and seeing the new payout date is the 31st, they will be expecting to get paid then.

If you have any additional information or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

You can also send me a friend request on Facebook at if you have any questions or want to learn more about legitimate ways of truly making an income from home. Review- Is It A SCAM? Must Read!

Update: 8/17/2013 Payified has been verified 100% a SCAM

Click here for more information Review review

Before you leave this page, please understand that this review is NOT a promotion of this company. If you are thinking about joining them, you will want to see everything I have to say on this page.

I have decided to write this review because there are many people who’s recently joined this new free opportunity, which seems to be an overly easy way to make money. But the problem so far, nobody has seemed to gotten paid yet.

So I decided to sign up for an account, just so I can see for myself how it works, how you’re paid and what the objective is. Review Sign up

So when I created my account, there were 5 simple fields. Which were create a username, password, email, address and name you want your check payable to.

Then after the signup is complete, you are given a referral link that claims you will earn $2.00 for each person you get to click on the link. And it suggests you share the link on Facebook, Youtube, Forums, blogs etc… And many people are doing just that, therefore it is going viral fast. Review- Sign It May Be A Scam

For one, most affiliate companies do not offer a cost per click (CPC) opportunity to an affiliate until the affiliate has established a relationship and proved they are honest and going to get the company high quality traffic.

And the fact that anyone can signup and promote Payified with no approval process seems like a big scam. If a person earned 2 cents per click, then maybe so. But certainly not $2 per click.

From browsing Youtube and a few forums, people are saying that they have earned as much as $500 to even as high as over $1,000 so far in pending commissions from Because it’s so easy for people to get family, friends and post ads and get people to click a link. 

It seems too good to be true to earn 2 bucks a pop just for a simple click of a link, which takes them to a page to create an account to do the same exact thing. That alone does not make Payified any money, and there’s no valid explanation why people are sharing this link just to visitors to the site.

Why I think is a scam

I created my account, and there was my link that it says will pay me $2 for each person I get to click on it. They claim that they are paying just to get traffic to their website, but you have to complete a survey to get paid from “”. Also when I created the account, I was never asked for tax payer’s information or even to verify my age. Just a name and address to mail my payments to. scam

It appears the survey goes to some kind of CPA affiliate link. So I personally believe that the owner of this website is an affiliate of an incentive based CPA network where they are paid for getting people to complete the survey.

Which is fine, but I doubt they are going to actually pay YOU for the clicks you generated. Especially with all the money they’ll have to pay with this going viral and so many people are clicking on the links.

And it’s strange that this company has been around since May 2013, and I can’t find one person that’s actually gotten paid yet. And the email address on the contact page is not even a valid email address. So nobody can actually get a live response from someone that works for the company. Just the back office says the next scheduled payout date is August 15th.

So imagine 3 months of people signing up and clicking the links. They would have a mind boggling amount of money they would have to pay out.

But in their favor, all the people who’s completing the survey is earning them some serious cash. And not to mention how big of a list they are building and could potentially sell to other marketers with all the signups.

But we’ll see on August 15 if people are actually going to pay all the money to the people who have generated at least $100 so far. So this concludes my review. If they are legit and going to payout, I will take down this post and write another. 

A “Legitimate Way To Make Money

If you are looking for an honest and legitimate way to surely make money from home, click here to grab an iPAS Kit and learn the truth about making money on the internet.




Kings Island Banshee Announced for 2014- Record Breaking

Kings Island Banshee

kings island banshee

The Son of Beast is gone, now Kings Island has just announced their newest roller coaster coming in 2014. It’s going to be called the Banshee. I must say that I am fairly disappointed in Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper, but I pretty much knew that I would be when I first watched the video.

Same goes for the Wind Seeker, disappointed. But Kings Islands Banshee, I truly believe is going to be an awesome new ride. The last time we’ve experienced such excitement was when the Diamond Back was first released.


Kings Island Banshee- World’s Longest Inverted Coaster

At 4,124 feet, the Kings Island Banshee is going to be a record breaking in its class as the longest inverted coaster in the world. 7 inversions with speeds up to 68mph. Should be impressive

Kings Island Banshee POV Video

The “Kings Island Banshee” is also going to be the first female inspired thrill ride at a Cedar Fair amusement park.

Can’t wait to ride this in 2014. It would nice if the ride will be ready by opening day next year. I am hoping the Banshee will be the best ride at Kings Island.

Aweber Down (Server Problem) 8/6/2013

Aweber Down (Server Problem) 8/6/2013

aweber down 8-6-2013


As of 11:45AM EST 8-6-2013, Aweber’s website has been down for over an hour now. So if you are using Aweber and you have opt-in forms on your websites, they are not visible and cannot capture any visitors.

Also, no autoresponse or broadcast messages that’s scheduled cannot be sent out.

I have contacted Aweber’s support by phone, and I was told that there is a server problem and there’s no ET on when services will be back online.

But let’s just hope it’s soon!