InboxDollars- Review

InboxDollars- Review 2014

You have landed on this page because you are looking for information regarding InboxDollars. You may be wondering is InboxDollars a scam and if it’s even legitimate. In any case, on this page you will find my review and what I personally think about the company and opportunity.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars ( is a rewards company that compensated consumers for taking online, reading emails, testing new products/services, shop online and even play video games. They work with fortune 500 companies and help them by getting the opinions of the consumers that use the products and relay the information and statistics back to the company.

Is InboxDollars A Legitimate Company?

One of the biggest questions people ask “Is InboxDollars a scam”? is certainly a legitimate company and is one of the furthest things away from being a scam. In fact, they are a BBB Accredited business and have been in business for quite some time. And InboxDollars is looked at as one of the more respected survey companies by many consumers.

Can you really make money with InboxDollars?

The answer is yes. There’s been many consumers that’s taken surveys, reviewed products, and shopped online etc and have been paid for their time and efforts.

But here’s the truth about making money with “InboxDollars”…

If you are looking for an opportunity to make money from home and truly earn an extra income, then InboxDollars is not the opportunity.

Click here to learn other legitimate ways to make money from home. is more less a hobby. Yes you can make money, but you certainly will not get rich taking surveys, playing games and reviewing products online. InboxDollars pays you $5 for signing up and creating an account, and surveys range from 50 cents up to $50 per survey, depending on what it is.

Most of the surveys that are easy to do and doesn’t require you to purchase a product typically will pay less than $1.00. But the biggest concern amongst consumers is that you have to earn at least $30 before they will pay you. This is common among survey companies, needing to have earned a certain amount before any payout.

So if you are expecting “InboxDollars” as something that’s going to make you a lot of money and fast, and I sorry to say that they won’t. If you love taking surveys, you love shopping online, buying products and playing games, then why not join and take advantage of the compensation just as a hobby?

How To Earn “Real” Money Online

Now most people that pursue working with initially pursued them because they truly want a way to make some real money online. Not for just a hobby. And what I mean by “real” money, is enough money to where someone can pay their bills and perhaps make enough to money to replace the income at their job.

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This concludes my Review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or connect with me on Facebook