Internet Pay Day System Review

Internet Pay Day System Review

This is my written Internet Pay Day System Review. Having been an individual that’s used this system, I will share what it is and what my experience was working with this system. As a disclaimer: Understand this review is not meant to promote or de-promote this system in any way. Although I will point out some facts, my Internet Pay Day System Review was written in my own words, at my own discretion and in my own opinion. And I was not encouraged by this company or any third parties to write this review. Also please note the “Internet Pay Day System” and the “Online Pay Day System” are two totally separate marketing system. This review is for Internet Pay Day System only.



What is Internet Pay Day System?

The Internet Pay Day System, also known as IPDS is a free marketing system for people to help them find referrals for their ZNZ (ZipNadaZilch) business. (To explain ZNZ briefly… ZNZ is a company that’s partnered with many other companies that pays consumers to refer other consumers to trial one or more of the company’s products.) Internet Pay Day System appears to be run by Martin Wilson. This system gives you a capture page, a sales video, email autoresponder, ZNZ signup instructions, prewritten ads, lists of places to place ads, and even a back-end step to recruit your signups into Empower Network. To be quite honest, what you get for an absolutely free system is not bad at all.


My Experience Using Internet Pay Day System

When I first signed up in ZNZ, I used this system for about a month before I started promoting ZNZ from a niche site I created. My only reason for signing up in ZNZ and deciding to use the Internet Pay Day System was because it had that additional step to join Empower Network. And since I was already part of Empower Network, I thought this system would be the perfect front-end opportunity I could promote.

Now… Overall, the system is not bad and nobody can really complain about something that’s free. But there were some problems I experienced with using it. The first problem I had was one of my ZNZ affiliate links and my Empower Network link did not properly track to me in the system. The result of this caused me to lose more than 10 ZNZ One signups and about 7 Empower Network signups. By default, regardless who you join the Internet Pay Day System through, you will be tracked to Martin Wilson’s Empower Network affiliate link by default. I had all the information correct in my Internet Pay Day System back office, but on the outside of my IPDS website (the pages that my leads see) ZNZ One was tracked to an unknown affiliate link and Empower Network to Martin Wilson’s Empower Network ID. I am not sure who the ZNZ One signups went to, but I know my Empower Network signups went to Martin Wilson. I contacted him and since this was not something that was fixed overnight, I decided to create a niche website very similar to IPDS to promote ZNZ from then forward.  This was my only “major problem” with using this system. Another problem was the  email autoresponder delivery rate was poor. Although I used a new email account for this system, a high percentage of the leads never received the follow-up emails or it arrived in their spam folder. The last problem I will point out is the system as a whole is not so user friendly. I think Martin did a pretty good job explaining it in the video, but it’s pretty complicated for some people who are not computer savy to get this setup correctly. And since this is a free system, there is no technical support. So I would get about 20+ phone calls a day on average just from people who can’t figure out how to get things setup correctly.

Will I Recommend This System To Anyone

If there are no longer any more affiliate tracking issues, then I would say why not use this free system if you’re going to promote ZNZ. But understand that free is NOT always better. I would much rather recommend something to people that I feel they can truly get real results with, even if it’s not quite free. And although Internet Pay Day System is free, it is not a system I feel people can truly get good results with. Because there’s more to marketing on the internet and getting signups in your ZNZ business than what is taught in IPDS. For one, you MUST have a domain if you’re going to use IPDS. Also you will need to know how to write your own ads before advertising. Craigslist is the most (if not #1) place people post ads for this business, but Craigslist has blacklisted many of the prewritten ads in the Internet Pay Day System back office.

I have signed up close to around 130 people in ZNZ, and not one of them was able to make any money in ZNZ by using the Internet Pay Day System alone. It was when I brought them into Empower Network, worked with them personally, they then learned some marketing skill that was needed to get the results to make their ZNZ business work.

If you’re looking for a way to start getting the results you want, recruit more people in your business, or simply learn how to make more money online in general, click the “Contact Marvin” tab and give me a call or send me an email.

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