Motor Club of America Scam

Motor Club of America Scam

If you have been looking for real information and the real truth whether or not Motor Club of America is a scam, then continue reading. I promise that you will learn the real answer why some people are saying MCA Motor Club of America is a scam.

And as you read, understand there’s nowhere in this article am I going to ask you to join Motor Club of America.

So please read this entire page if you really want to know the truth about MCA aka Motor Club of America.

Now I am not going to explain all the facts that most people already know/heard. Such as MCA has been in business for over 80+ years, they are based in Oklahoma etc. Because you can find this information all over the internet and even on the Motor Club of America home website.

Is Motor Club of America A Scam?

So the main question… Is Motor Club of America a scam? The fact and short answer is no. But I am going to share with you why so many people see MCA as a scam and a pyramid scheme. But if MCA was a real scam, they would be shut down by now and listed on the website as a scam. And the US FTC (United States Federal Trade Commission) is the only 100% accurate website that will tell you if a company based in the US is a scam or not. Although the BBB isn’t as accurate as the FTC (as the BBB isn’t a government website), the BBB does have MCA listed under TVC as B rated.

95% of Associates are misrepresenting Motor Club of America

The absolute number one reason people feel MCA is a scam is because 95% of MCA Associates/Affiliates are promoting MCA unethically by promoting MCA in a way that misleads people into joining Motor Club of America for the wrong reason. And I’ll explain how here in a bit, but I first want to briefly explain what MCA is and how associates are compensated for referring others.

Motor club of America is a motor/auto club company (just as the name sounds) that provides roadside assistance and various other benefits services. Very similar to AAA. They are owned by a company known as TVC, which stands for The Vital Connection. And together they provide customers unlimited roadside assistance, medical benefits, pharmacy discounts, death benefit (similar to life insurance), rental car assistance, and the list goes on for what they offer you for a monthly cost.

Now the affiliate/associate program is for those that decide they want to refer people to MCA and get compensation for it. Now I don’t think it’s necessary to explain the entire compensation plan, but the basic compensation an associate earns is $80 for each member they refer to MCA benefits services. You are basically compensated 200% up to $90 of what a customer had to pay when they joined. And I think most would agree at $80-$90 per referral, one could earn an excellent income working at this if you refer enough people. And the truth is, some people do earn an excellent income with MCA, but NOT everyone.

Although MCA offers great benefits and a great compensation plan to refer others, there’s NO REQUIREMENT by MCA that you must purchase MCA’s benefits service to sign up as an associate to make money referring others. The only part of the compensation you miss out on if you don’t purchase the service is the Matrix Rewards and the $6 commission override from other associates in your downline. Obviously if one is going to decide to become an MCA Associate, it is obviously beneficial to have the service for yourself to know what it is before referring it to others. As you will come off ethical in your marketing by owning the service you are promoting. But again, it’s not required to buy the MCA service to become an TVC MCA Associate.

The reason some people see MCA as a pyramid scheme

Now when you come across people’s MCA ads or watch someone’s MCA video on Youtube, most people are telling you things like: 1 “Turn $40 into $1,000 per week”, 2 “Make $5,000 per week with MCA” and 3 “MCA is now hiring, earn X dollars per week”. Which is compelling enough to peak almost anyone’s interest, especially if they are searching for ways to make money.

Now the issues with 1 and 2 is most people incomes in MCA are not even close to $1,000-$5,000 per week. Probably less than 1% earns more than $1,000 per week in MCA consistently. So what’s wrong with this is it gives people an unrealistic expectation of the money they will earn when they join. Although there’s nothing wrong with telling people they can “potentially” earn such incomes, but it is against the the US FTC code of ethics, and also MCA’s Associate guidelines to make an income claim in a direct sales business without having a clear income disclaimer.

And with number 3 (claiming that MCA is hiring) is also wrong. Saying that MCA is hiring and attaching an expected income level is 100% illegal. For one, saying Motor Club of America is hiring is implying that there’s a job offer on the line, when there’s not. MCA does however, have an office with real employees, such as the people you call when you need to have your car towed. But the “MCA Referral Program” is NOT a job offer.

So telling people that they can make a lot of money by joining MCA (buying the membership), and after they join, tell them to just tell others the same thing, is WHY Motor Club of America is seen by many as pyramid scheme. Although it’s clearly not, but you do see why, right?

Watch My Video Below to See Examples of Many Associates That are Misrepresenting What MCA Actually is.



3 Types of People Say Motor Club of America Is A Scam


Now when you come across an article, a blog, or a video that says MCA is a scam, it’s from 1 of 3 types of people…

# 1

The first type of person that says “MCA is a scam” is based on what I just explained above. These kind of people find an MCA ad or video that tells them they can make X dollars per week with MCA. And all they have to do is just pay $40 and start making money right away. They join, they give it maybe 30 days, and if they don’t make the money as claimed in the ad or video they watched, then they say MCA is a scam. And this is why you may see Motor Club of America Complaints on the internet.

And when you look at it from their prospective, I clearly understand. Because if someone is dangerously in need of money, such as a struggling single mom, someone that’s unemployed, bankrupt etc that sacrificed possibly their last $40 because they were told they would earn thousands per week if they would just join but it didn’t happen for them, then they technically were scammed. But it was because of the MCA Associate or third party website who mislead them and gave them this unrealistic expectation. Not MCA specifically.

Does that make sense?

And I am in no way saying that it’s wrong to tell people they can earn a lot of money with MCA. Because they can. But people need to have realistic expectations (especially when they are new) and needs to know up front that the average person earns little to no income at all with MCA. Maybe it doesn’t need to framed that way. But my point is people needs to surely know up front that it’s going to take WORK, TIME and EFFORT. And they will be required to learn and acquire some new skills before they can earn these huge incomes that most people claim.

If you are an MCA Associate, know that it’s better for your business anyway to give people a disclaimer that not everyone will get the results some of the top MCA affiliates/associates are getting. And more importantly, treat your customers/associates like they are real people, and not leads, sales and numbers. People will stick around longer and you will receive fewer chargebacks if you tell people the truth upfront.

# 2

The second type of person that says MCA is a scam are what I call “surreptitious savages”. These are the wolf in sheep clothing type of marketers who knows that MCA isn’t a scam. But they like to write false content on the internet and tell people that MCA is a scam. But then at the end of their video/article tells you to join their similar business opportunity instead. Since there’s hundreds of people every day searching and wondering if Motor Club of America is a scam, these savages figure if they can convince these people that MCA is a scam, then they’ll likely buy/join what they have to offer.

This is very unethical. It’s like for instance, Ford suddenly begins telling lies and putting out 100% false information about the Chevy Corvette z06 just in hopes they can gain more of Chevy’s potential customers. But it’s exactly what these beasts that’s spreading lies about MCA are doing. My advice, never join/buy something from people that do this.

# 3

And lastly, the third kind of person that says “MCA Motor Club of America is a scam” are MCA Associates themselves. They also figure if hundreds of people are searching for info related to MCA being a scam, they can write an article or post a video titled “Motor Club of America Scam” to get people to click it, so they can get more customers if they can convince people that MCA is not a scam.

But when MCA Associates do this, most of them just say, “MCA is not a scam. Here’s the money I made etc, now please join me”. The problem is this only works on a small number of prospects. Because if someone is searching and wanting to know the truth whether or not Motor Club of America is a scam, then they have already likely seen many other people’s claims to have made money with MCA. They now are seeking real details and real proof that MCA isn’t a scam.

The issue I personally see with Motor Club of America

Overall, I truly believe MCA is a fantastic company. I absolutely love the benefits and there’s nothing else out there that offers what MCA gives their customers. But the only problem I see with MCA is they don’t have a strict enough compliance department to enforce how MCA Associates should promote MCA in their business. All the rules are in place and everyone who signed the associate agreement agreed to abide by the terms. But most associates just ignore it and promote MCA in any way they possibly can to earn a quick sale from referring it, even if it’s in an unethical way. And MCA isn’t cracking down enough to stop this from happening.

How did I promote MCA when I was in?

I’ll be honest in saying that back when I first joined, I done what I was told and promoted MCA in a way that most are promoting it. I was told to buy this $40 program and I could make thousands of dollars per week. Then after I joined, I was told to share a link on my Facebook wall every day, start posting links on Craigslist and get people to “watch a video”.

If you are in MCA, have you been told to do this? Lol

Well I was then told I should be making $1,000-$1,500 per week if I done that consistently. But obviously, doing that didn’t earn me much money at all. So after long hours and tirelessly telling people every day to join this $40 program, I managed to get a sale every now and then. But nothing that most people would consider impressive. Still was very far from earning $1,000+ per week.

But it wasn’t long before I learned something special from a wealthy mentor in this industry. I then started going about promoting my MCA business in a different manner than most people. I stopped using the 3rd party marketing systems that misrepresents what MCA actually is. I started giving people real expectations and told people the truth about what they needed to know regarding MCA. I personally really believed in the product and elaborated mostly about the benefits before telling people there was an affiliate program attached to it.

And when I done that, I was able to earn well over $1,000 per week in MCA for almost 7 months straight. I brought in over 450+ customers into MCA and have helped many other associates get results and earn a steady income in their MCA Business.

Now, no matter if you are currently in MCA or someone that’s on the fence considering joining MCA, you now know the “real truth” whether or not Motor Club of America is a scam. Don’t let anyone force you into believing that it is a scam. Because I guarantee if they are truly trying to say MCA is a scam, then they just want to recruit you into some other business

So if you are already in MCA, know that it is really a great company. But it’s up to you how you represent the company and what your beliefs are about the service they offer. And based on that is what’s going to truly determine the income you will earn promoting Motor Club of America.

Now I am currently no longer active with MCA, as I am more involved with other internet marketing activities. But if you are interested in learning how I was able to create my extraordinary success online in such a short period of time, click the link below to learn exactly how I do it.


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