Digital Altitude Scam – Here’s the Real Truth

Digital Altitude Scam Review

If you have been looking for information and wondering if Digital Altitude is a scam, then I recommend you read every word on this page to understand the “truth” whether or not if Digital Altitude is really a scam.

Now this article is not going to be a general review such as what the company is, compensation plan etc. If that’s what you are looking for then I recommend that you see my original Digital Altitude Review. This article is going to primarily talk about “Digital Altitude” aka Aspire System being a scam.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

Now the short answer is no, but I’ll tell you why these supposedly “scam busters” who are really wolves in sheep clothing says that Digital Altitude is a scam here in a bit. But the truth is Digital Altitude is far from a scam. In fact, Digital Altitude is a real registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) based out of Lewes, Delaware. And being a registered business based in the United States, there are various ethical business practices a business must follow to qualify as a legitimate business that is in good standing.

If there was even slight a chance that Digital Altitude is a scam then they would have been shut down by United States Federal Trade Commission (US FTC) before they even got off  the ground. Not to mention Digital Altitude is now over a year old and is continuously growing each month.

Digital Altitude is a REAL Community of REAL People (Play Video)

Who’s “really” making up the lie that Digital Altitude is a Scam?

Now I have been in the Internet Marketing space for a little over 5 years now, and during my 5 years in this industry I have seen LOTS of traffic hungry competitors. Particularly unethical competitors to compete for business as if there’s a shortage of people on the internet. 

Now the people who are really saying that “Digital Altitude is a scam” are actually critics that are internet marketers or individuals with a similar business. These are people who hide behind their computer with fake pictures of who they are and, and not to mention you can never meet these people in real life (unlike you can in the Digital Altitude community as seen in the video above). These critics pose as a legitimate review or scam buster website, when their real intentions are to give you mixed feelings about any company that goes viral and gets popular on the internet (such as Digital Altitude), just in hopes they can recruit you into their business or sell you some kind of product they are selling. This is very very unethical and sad, and since their information is not based on real facts and truth, makes them the “real scam artists”.

I feel these people are envious because of how viral and rapidly that Digital Altitude has been growing this past year. And the best marketing strategy these people can come up with are “scare tactics”. It’s a way of getting attention to yourself by putting fear in people, putting down, making up lies and calling everything that’s more successful than they are, a scam.  It’s like being a celebrity with critics who spends countless hours writing in the tabloids to spill unnecessary drama about a celebrity, just for the attention and publicity.

So when it comes to the Digital Altitude Scam reports you may see on the internet are for these reasons. And it’s literally only a few websites that says this. But one thing I notice is that the websites that are saying that “Digital is a scam” all have one thing in common…. and that’s this company by the name of Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s actually quite ironic that I once thought Wealthy Affiliate was a good company, and I was in fact close to joining at one time. But I found that they teach “negative marketing tactics”, such as teaching their affiliates to bash every successful business that goes viral on the internet, just so they can recruit them into this “Wealthy Affiliate” company. And every article that I have read that says Digital Altitude is a scam all have negative reviews about almost every other affiliate marketing business on the internet, lying to people saying they are all scams.

Then at the end of every one of their negative review they try to recruit you into this Wealthy Affiliate company. And if that’s their best marketing practice, then I would recommend anyone who sees this company to stay away from it. And that’s besides the point that there are plenty of consumer complaints and ripoff reports about this company. I have heard many complaints from people who joined Wealthy Affiliate that said that their leaders big vision and core focus is “bashing other companies” rather than teaching their affiliates on how to actually make money. So it’s not Digital Altitude’s fault for their lack of growth and success. 

Making Money on The Internet

Now when it comes to making money on the internet, specifically the kind of money one can consider a decent enough income to live comfortably on takes time, work, and effort. There’s no such thing as an overnight success system. Digital Altitude teaches the nuts and bolts of building a 6 and 7 figure business on the internet, which is not something that will happen overnight. But some people naively join Digital Altitude with these false intentions.

So most people who fail in Digital Altitude are the people who simply give up on their financial dreams and goals too soon, expecting to “Get Rich Quick”. And that’s not what this company claims or how it works. As Dr Maltz (author of PsychoCybertics) put it… some people have strong desires but are not willing to risk hurting their ego to get it. Protecting their ego is their bigger goal, fearing failure to avoid embarrassment or humiliation in the eyes of others. Which is why most people rather fit in with the majority, settle for what’s convenient rather than to work hard to obtain their goal.

This goes for anything in life, not just in business. I mean for example… it’s fair to say that Doctors, Lawyers and Aircraft Engineers are all professions that pays well over 6 figures per year. But how many people go to college to pursue one of these professions and don’t actually follow-through getting in their profession? But instead end up with an “excuse or blame” about why they didn’t succeed, then end up working at a local grocery story or gas station for the next 30 years. This is a huge problem worldwide, and there’s not a single miracle system that can solve this. Most people desire things that can be obtained fast, easy and without effort. If it takes work, people like to avoid it. Very few people have a strong enough passion to work for their success.

So if anyone that says that only a small percentage of people succeed with a company like Digital Altitude, then know that these are worldwide statistics in every high paying business or profession. And this is the very reason 2% of the world’s entire population earns over 90% of all the money in the world. As I mentioned, there’s no such thing as a overnight success system. And nor does Digital Altitude claim overnight success, but the success rate in Digital Altitude is currently the highest in the industry as of 2017. And I will attest and say every person that I have seen go through Digital Altitude’s Aspire training and stayed in long enough to learn the material has made money.

Digital Altitude Scam Conclusion

The truth is, Digital Altitude clearly isn’t for everyone. Digital Altitude is not for someone for example who needs to make fast money just to get their car fixed next week. It’s for people who are willing to put in the work to learn how to earn a successful living on the internet. The kind of living that allows you to live comfortably, be able to work part time but earn more than any full time job has ever paid you, and to give you and your family something truly better in life.

For those who haven’t experienced both “time” and “financial” freedom just don’t know what they are missing. Because we live in the world where most people have to sacrifice one for the other. But when you have the right kind of knowledge, you can create this life of success without limits. But it’s when you have that strong reason why, which pushes you and motivates you to create success no matter what. 

I have personally worked with hundreds of students online, teaching them how I have earned multiple 6 figures online. And the first thing I ask each student is are you willing to work and do whatever it takes to learn what I know? There’s always a percentage of people who expects to gain something for nothing, looking for an overnight success miracle. I tell them that it doesn’t exist.

Then these people go away, find something on the internet that says something like “Just buy this special system for only $47. Make $5,000 per week Instantly!” Then they fall for it, and feel scammed when they make no money because they bought into such hype and believed it really was possible to buy what appears to be a “financial success pill”.

Don’t get me wrong, it certainly doesn’t have to take long for one to earn  big money and a successful living online. But this depends on many factors, but most importantly how much you are willing to “grow” as person to expand your knowledge and skills, and that you have made the decision that giving up is not an option. This is how you have to think as an entrepreneur, because if not there’s no physical system or marketing strategy that will help you succeed. And this is what Digital Altitude is about. It’s for those who are ready to walk the walk and take financial control of their life once and for all. And in my opinion, it is one of the best opportunities you can be part of that will give you all the knowledge you need to succeed in the shortest amount of time possible.

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