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How to be a successful entrepreneur

How to be a successful entrepreneur

Marvin Bennie Entrepreneurship

People often wonder what does is truly take to succeed being an entrepreneur. The truth is, it is not at all difficult when you are determined for success and go about it with the right mindset.

You only struggle when you “resist” taking the necessary actions you need to succeed.

There’s only a few people on the planet who were born with silver spoons in their mouth. Or in other words, there’s only a few who were born with rich parents and inherited their wealth without having to sacrifice anything to get it. The remainder of people who created wealth in their life had to “work” to get it.

Here’s a powerful quote that I once learned…

Entrepreneurship is doing for a short while what most people “won’t”, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people “can’t”.

I wrote another blog post some time ago that’s titled “How to be your own boss” that’s going to touch on some points that I am about to discuss.

Some people only look at the benefits of being an entrepreneur, but fail to look at what it actually takes to succeed being one. And most people who find it difficult to succeed are typically the people that are stuck on a simple decision to take action and actually do it.

But even once you make the decision, it still takes both consistent and persistent daily actions to succeed. That’s why you may have heard, “It’s not what you do that causes your breakthrough, it’s what you do daily”. Nobody creates success overnight. It happens by being consistent.

If you’re one of the people that see stuff on the internet that tell you that you can succeed and earn a ton of money with their product by doing nothing, then know that couldn’t be further from the truth. You would be wasting your time and throwing away your money.

People are easily bought into things that say: It’s FAST, it’s EASY, It’s FREE, It’s INSTANT & AUTOMATIC, PAYS LOTS OF CASH OUT OF THIN AIR!

If seeing words like that excites you, then this probably says something about your mindset. Because successful entrepreneurship is not always easy, it doesn’t always come instantly, it DOES take effort, and you will always have to give something in return for your success. Because there’s no such thing as something for nothing.

If this were not so, then the quote below would not be true:

Entrepreneurship is doing for a short while what most people “won’t”, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people “can’t.

And if you have struggled to make money on the internet or in your past business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you were bought into the obvious “hype” as in the examples above. But I am sure you do understand that I am telling the truth. There is a reason that only 2% of the human population earns 96% of all the money in the world. While the 98% of people earns only 4% of it.

Most people rather live their life and accept their struggles as it is and learn to live life with the cards they were dealt. Or some even cry about being broke, being poor and struggling every day. But when it comes to changing their life for the better, they make some kind of excuse as to why they can’t make it happen.

And for example, some people’s excuses are simply they don’t have time to do anything to better their life. But in my opinion, if you can make time to eat and sleep, you can surely make time to create your success. Which could soon buy you all the free time you will ever want. Also, some of these same people that claim they don’t have time, wouldn’t miss their favorite sports game or their favorite TV show for anything in the world.

It’s all about what you value most. It’s not even about money either. You can create success being an entrepreneur or anything in life when you have a strong enough “reason” why you need to accomplish it.

If you’re the type of person that easily gives up on something at the slightest bit of difficulty or because of a single challenge comes along, then entrepreneurship is probably not for you. Unless you change, that is. Because when you truly have a strong enough reason why you desire to succeed, quitting is NEVER an option.

Also if you’re the type that’s always looking for a quick and easy way to gain something for nothing, again, being an entrepreneur is probably not for you.  Because you certainly only gain what you have put into it.

Success will likely never happen for the curious, the half steppers or the doubtful. You must dive in with both feet and truly determined for it as if your life depends on it. And from my personal experience, you want to know the kind of people that typically succeed the fastest in their business?

People who have kids/family that they are struggling to care for. Single moms/dads with low incomes. People who are working a deadbeat job that they know they’ll never be able retire from. People who were laid off from a great paying job, people who are disabled/sick, and people who’s been poor most of their life, in debt and sick and tired of being in that situation.

All the types of people above have very strong reasons why they need to succeed in life.

If you’re in one of the situations above, what will it really do for you to be able to earn your yearly income in a single month or week? While having plenty of free time to spend with the ones you love each and every day.

What will it do for you when you can write a check and pay off your mortgage and all your debt at once?

And what will it really do for you to pay cash for that medical operation you or a family member of yours really need?

If there was ever any secret to being a successful entrepreneur, that would be it. Having a strong reason why you need to succeed. The rest of what it takes to be an entrepreneur takes only focus and instruction from those that’s living the kind of life that you desire to live.

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Why Most People Aren’t Successful

Why most people aren't successful

So the big question, why aren’t there more successful people in the world? There is literally only about 1% of people that actually succeed at doing what they truly want to do in life.

Do you know why only 1%?

Well the biggest reason why most people fail is simply because of two things. Negative influences and bad experiences. So people use a bad experience, fueled by negative influences from other people to make an excuse about why they can’t do something. Then they just accept their life as “I tried”. That’s it.

On the other hand, there are some people think if they just keep living without doing anything, success will hopefully one day soon find them.

Trust me, this will never happen. Those who have reached success will tell you they had to go out and get it.a

Desiring, thinking and contemplating being successful does NOT bring success. Although success begins with a vision, but it only comes by conditioning your mind that you are already successful, followed by taking the necessary action to get there, even if it’s consists of doing or enduring something the average person is unwilling to do.

People think being successful is about having physical resources, but a person becomes successful mentally long before they reach success physically.

Here’s an easy way to look it… A person becomes who they surround themselves with and listen to. So let’s say you want to be successful financially…

If you’re hanging around and taking advice about being successful financially from people who are always negative, skeptical, and “broke”, then you can expect to always be negative, skeptical and broke. Most people like to take advice from the wrong people for some reason, simply because they are usually the closest (family/friends).

But we live in world where negative influences have 100 times more effect on people than positive influence. An example, a person can decide they really want this new car. So they decide to check out reviews on it and come across 1000 reviews from people that say the car is excellent. They are excited. But then they find one negative review from someone that says the car is a piece of crap, then suddenly they forget about the 1000 positive reviews and think twice if they still want the car or not.

That’s interesting, isn’t it?

It’s what a person really take heed to and act upon that determines the decision they will make. And since most people are more susceptible to a negative influence over a positive influence is why there are far more unsuccessful people than successful people in the world.

Here’s an example of another type of negative influence as for pursuing success. You ever heard of a “Dream Thief”? These are those people that laugh at you and tell you that you are crazy when you tell them you are going to do something extraordinary with your life. It becomes discouraging to you and has dramatic effect whether or not you actually achieve that success

I had some “people” in my life who laughed and said I was crazy for doing this internet thing. They said you know that stuff don’t work and it’s all probably a scam. Nobody actually makes any real money.

Now if I had taken this advice and believed this, I would still be as broke as they are today. But instead, the best thing I done was broke free from listening to people like this.

I believed in what I was doing. And since my primary goal was to get out of debt and make more money, I began to listen and surround
myself around people who I know are successful, debt free and made more money than I did.

This is when I began to have a breakthrough in my life. I had a dream (almost everyone has dreams) but unlike everyone, I decided to take action and pursue my dream, in spite of several bad experiences and negative influences/support from some of my loved ones. And I only took advice and listened to people I knew that was living the dream that I wanted.

Although most people agree that a person should continue to pursue their dreams/success in spite of negative influences and bad experiences, but truth is, most people let this crush them. Then they begin to believe they were meant to only have what they currently have. People simply give up, feel embarrassed, and fear to go after any kind of success ever again.

Another example, I’ve encountered this from people since I’ve been working in this industry….. I get emails from time to time from people that tell me, “I don’t believe it’s possible to really make money, your program is a scam”.

Now these people think this way because they have listened to and surrounded themselves their whole life around people who don’t have a lot of money and are unsuccessful. Even if it’s true they have been scammed and or didn’t make any money in the past opportunity, instead of doing research and deciding to take smarter action the next time, they hold the last bad experience in their mind for the rest of their life and use this as the excuse on why they aren’t successful.

So truth is, people choose to stay unsuccessful because of their own free will, but blame “things” why they can’t be or haven’t been successful.

People want to blame a particular company why they wasn’t successful, people want to blame their parents why they aren’t successful, people want to blame god why they aren’t successful, blame their spouse, kids etc. It’s EXCUSES why people can’t be successful

Success will start when a person stop making excuses and decide they will make it a ritual to get their success. It’s only possible to fail so many times. Even a blind shooter will hit his target if he stop making excuses and continue shooting. So to be successful at anything you do is to refrain from negative influences and forget about the last bad experience. Instead, listen to positive influences and take a smarter approach to the new experience.

How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

How to be successfulThe first step in learning how to become successful is to overcome any self doubts and believe in what you’re trying to accomplish. It came to my attention some time ago, that people are being held back from pursuing their dreams because they often worry about what everyone else thinks. You can be the best in the world at what you do, and STILL not everyone is going to like and support you. That’s something you have to learn to live with.

If you are so afraid to come out of your comfort zone, or you refuse to put in the effort to make your life successful just because “so and so” thinks you’re wasting your time, you will prove them right. But that should not stop you. Trust me, once you become successful they WILL be the first to start hanging around you.

The first time I tried to start a business, I tried getting some of my family and friends to help but most told me, “When you become successful and start making money, then I may join you”. I heard a wise man once say “Don’t expect to board the plane once it’s already taken off into the air”. So I told them just that, “If you can’t help me get the plane off the ground, then I won’t need you to help me fly in the air”.

Truth is, not everyone has the mindset of an entrepreneur and have real  goals of being successful. And it is simply not meant for everyone. A successful entrepreneur is successful before he/she takes off into the air, because they won’t let the ability of not being able to please people, doubts, and lack of support stop them from getting to their goal and truly becoming successful.

So whatever it is you are pursuing in life, STOP waiting on people to push you or walk along with you. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes the greatest tasks were achieved alone”? Well now you know why. If you want to be successful….. Be self motivated, be a self starter, and you will surely become a successful superstar.

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