The Mental Disciplines of Success


A lot of people think creating success in their life is difficult. When in fact, success is not all difficult if you truly desire success and is driven by a strong motivation to achieve it. Part of the formula for success is made up of two things… Discipline and Determination.

The mental disciplines of success

One of the problems some people have is they confuse determination with desperation. It’s okay to feel desperate about achieving something, but without determination you will fall flat on your face trying to achieve whatever it is you are desperate for. When you are determined for success, you are willing to mentally discipline yourself and go through the grind to achieve your success.

Even from my personal experience coaching individuals and helping them build a business, I find that the people who generally don’t succeed are the ones that are usually just looking for an easy way to earn a quick buck with no effort. And being the kind of person I am, I tell people what they need to know to succeed, not just what they want to hear.

In the home business industry for example… How many people fall victim to advertisements and sales presentations from work at home opportunities that elaborate so much about how much money you can make and how easy you can do it?

Such as… “Make $10,000 per week with a so easy to use software a caveman can do it! Work just 15 minutes per day and with a few clicks of your mouse, turn your pc into a cash machine!”

Because of hype and false promises such as that is why so many people end up more broke, frustrated and finding them self further away from the road to success. People are easily bought into things that claim to permanently fix their financial problems magically with very little time and effort. And sadly, this why so many continue to fail with opportunity after opportunity. Therefore, never chase after a dream because it seems quick and effortless. Because there’s no such thing as something for nothing.

Here’s how to succeed and live financially free…

In one of the business models that I am successful in, I teach people that I am working with to first condition their mind to be successful entrepreneurs. Because this is by far the most important thing in reaching any kind of goals, especially if your goals are income related. So if you are one of the people that’s struggling with finances and reaching your goals and you don’t think your mindset has anything to do with it, then know that you are sadly mistaken…

Some people think it’s always about marketing techniques, strategies and how many leads they can get per day to their business. Yes you do need those things to make money in any business, and I have taught many people how to master most of the marketing techniques that are out there, and how they can get as many leads as they want per day…  But if you aren’t willing to work on mentally conditioning your mind to stay “determined and disciplined” to achieving your goal, then you won’t stay on track long enough to succeed. This is key, and very important.

The Benefit

The best benefit hands down is you can truly earn an income that’s incomparable to most people’s incomes on the entire planet. When the “average” person is looking for a job that pays $50,000 per year, you can earn $50,000 within the next 90 days from now. When I first earned in a single day in my business what I earned working an entire month at my job, I knew it was time to quit and focus on my business. 🙂

And the truth is, I am no better than anybody else. I never had a background in business and neither do I even have a college degree. But with determination and a true desire for success, I thank god that I was able to find success and now helping many others do the same.

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