The Salesman VS The Entrepreneur

The sales man vs the entrepreneur

I once received an email from a guy that said to me, he has the mindset of an entrepreneur and simply wants to know  how to be a successful entrepreneur. Specifically with an online based business. But then he said “I want to do this without having to sell anything. So can I make money in an online without selling anything?”.

I chuckled after reading that, then I responded to him…

I told him that a business is not a business without having a product or service to sell. And the only way a business can receive money is by the money being paid to them by a customer who purchased the product or service.

This may sound obvious to those who currently have a business, but here’s why most people fear having to sell anything… 

When most people think of “selling”, they visualize a door to door salesman or some kind of telemarketer. Which is the last  thing most people care to be. And I don’t blame them for not wanting to be a traditional salesman. It’s typically such a low paid profession, you have to make phone calls, put together presentations, be a great communicator, travel and even deal with rejections all the time.   

Sounds fun, right?? Didn’t think so. 😛

I want to teach you how to sell like an entrepreneur, because there’s something that entrepreneurs understand about selling that most sales people and telemarketers don’t.

You see, when it comes to selling a product or service, people (the buyers) don’t like to be “sold”, although they love to buy. And here’s what I mean…

For example, you are in your favorite shopping mall or convenience store… A sales associate eyes you from a distance and then walks up to you and ask “Can I help you find something?” The first thought that comes to mind, even if you are interested in buying something.. “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

This is because most people don’t like to feel pressured into buying something even if they are interested. And it’s a fact that most sales people are unconsciously pushy and aggressive when it comes to selling things, which runs most people away. 

Selling as an entrepreneur

Now selling as an entrepreneur is about giving value to your customers, and presenting your product or service in a way that benefits them whether or not they buy the first time they see it. And when they are ready to buy, they do so without feeling pressured and happy that they done so.

And I know this because I have literally sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products to online customers that happily bought without feeling pressured. I learned from one of my great mentors  how to outsell the competition without picking up a phone call or involving family and friends, even if you’re a complete beginner. 

With these same techniques, is why for example some real estate agents earn $500,000+ per year, while some other real estate agents only earn around $50,000 per year. It’s because one is going about it from an entrepreneur’s prospective and the other from a sales person’s prospective.

So if you are someone that fears having to try and sell someone something and never made a dime selling on the internet, understand that I personally felt this same way when I first turned to the online world to build a business. But not only have I created great success as a home-based entrepreneur, I have taught many beginners how to get started and how to create a successful business online. If you have this desire and want to learn more about truly earning a real income online fast, then listen up…

Learn how to sell almost virtually anything online without prospecting, phone calling, presentations, selling to family and friends, and even if you aren’t tech savy. Click the button below to learn more…

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