My name is Marvin Bennie and I am man of god as well as business. I always have and always will continue to trust in God with all my heart, because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Have had many challenges come along in life, but it is made me the spiritually, physically and mentally strong individual that I am today.

I grew up and currently live in Cincinnati, OH USA. I have a background in the IT field with over 10 years experience as an IT Systems Administrator. Then I decided I also wanted to develop skills as an Internet Marketing. And since acquiring advanced knowledge of Marketing on the internet, I have made it one of my goals to help others to pursue their dreams and goals.. Although I come from a technical background, I have always had a passion for helping people. It literally makes me happy to make other people happy.

My 2 major goals in life is to number 1, get closer to God, and the other is to help other people reach their goals and create success in their life. And thanks to a few wise decisions, I am now able to get closer to the creator and help others take control of their life and become successful.

If you feel like you have a bigger purpose in life, you desire to be something that some would say is impossible, then be sure to connect with me. Because surrounding yourself with “like-minded” individuals will improve your chances of succeeding at what you are pursuing.

Let’s work together, share ideas and explore a path that can¬†truly change your life and allow you to start living the life of your dreams. You can simply Contact me or connect with me on Facebook.

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Marvin Bennie…