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Bing Ads PPC AdvertisingI very often am asked what is the best traffic source out there to get genuine targeted traffic. While in my opinion, there isn’t a specific traffic source that’s hands down the best, but some like the one that I am sharing with you today is much better than many others.

Bing Ads PPC Network (or I’ll just refer to it as “Bing Ads” through out this article) is one of my personal all-time favorite traffic sources. Bing Ads is a tier 1 search engine network made of,,, and many other syndicated search partners. What makes Bing Ads one of the best traffic sources out there is it gives you so much control over your ads, and you know precisely where your traffic is coming from. Compared to a lot of the flaky Click Brokers and Solo Ad providers that are out there, when you don’t know exactly if the traffic they are selling you is legit. You could be getting robot traffic, fake emails and or your ad was sent to a completely untargeted list with an incentive to click your ad.

With Bing Ads, you don’t have to worry about that. With a network of over 500 Million Unique Visitors with precise targeting capabilities, you are able to quickly find your target audience and scale your business with just this traffic source alone. Now as any wise entrepreneur would know, you never want to depend on a single traffic source to run your business. Because traffic/advertising sources will often change over time. 

If you have been online promoting a product for any length of time, then I am sure that you may have heard of Google Adwords. They are now known as just “Google Ads”, but they were considered the # 1 best traffic source to advertise any business online back in the early 2000’s. Google Adwords was cheap, and virtually anyone with a product to promote could use Google to sell their product. But then around 2010, Google has decided to do something very surprising…. They changed the rules and decided to increase the cost significantly. Keywords that were originally like 0.15 – 0.20 cents per click to bid on were raised to over $3.00 and higher per click. Also if you were an Affiliate Marketer and promoting an affiliate/partner product, they banned your account. Although they had no specific rule in their advertising terms that affiliate marketers could not promote partner products on their network, but they always found a way to shut you down if you were. 

Okay, I am done talking about Google. But my point is just because a traffic source is great, never depend on that one source to drive your business. But right now Bing Ads is a great all-around traffic source for any business, even if you are an affiliate marketer. They don’t have overly restrictive rules like Google Ads, but who knows what they will do within the next few years?

So for now, utilize Bing Ads all you can. But also work on utilizing other traffic sources, to have a more sustainable business. So if you came to this page because you are wanting to know how to use Bing Ads, see my video below. I go into how you can create an account and setup your first campaign. Even if you are a beginner, you can use Bing Ads and get results with it if you follow what I show you in my “Bing Ads Video”.

To open your Bing Ads Account, go to:

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