Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market Review

You may have been searching online for ways to earn extra cash through paid surveys, and came across  “Global Test Market”. And you now may be searching for legitimate facts, such if it really works and does it really pay? etc..

This Global Test Market Review is going to show exactly what you need to know regarding this paid survey opportunity. So be sure that you read every word on this page to understand exactly if this is the right opportunity for you.

Is Global Test Market Legit?

I am going to answer this question first, because this is likely the question that most people who are reading this will have. And the answer is yes.. Global Test Market is 100% legitimate.

Before writing this Global Test Market Review, I have done some extensive research on the company. They have an office based out of Bellevue, WA. And as a company, Global Test Market works with many large organizations in finding consumers who uses their various products. They collect survey results from the consumer, then relay the feedback to the company for compensation. Then Global Test Market in turn pays the consumer (the actual survey taker) in the form of either rewards or sometimes even cash.

Global Test Market Online Surveys

According to Global Test Market’s website, there’s been over $14,000,000 in total rewards paid out to their members in the year of 2013 alone. And that is actually quite high for a survey company. And with over 500,000 Facebook followers, that number will likely continue to grow. So depending on when you are reading this Global Test Market Review, it can very much be higher this current year than it was then.

Now, as for the Global Test Market Surveys, here’s how it works… There are some generic surveys that anyone are able to take (for starters) and there are more higher paying surveys that are sent out periodically by email.

To participate in the higher paying surveys, you will have to meet certain criteria before being allowed to take the survey. Such as the survey may be seeking people that’s in a specific age group, or someone that’s used X product or is a customer of such and such company. You are invited by email to participate in each survey. The purpose of the surveys are for “market research” for the company you are voicing your opinion about. Helping them learn what their customers desire. And upon completion of surveys, you as the consumer will earn points from Global Test Market. And these points can be redeemed for giftcards and cashcards etc.

Global Test Market “Pros” and “Cons”

I will be honest saying that Global Test Market is actually a great company. There’s really nothing bad at all to say about them. Taking surveys with Global Test Market is a great hobby for those that likes sharing their opinion and being heard by large companies to assist with their market research.

Now’s here’s the only “Global Test Market” Cons that I see… The first one is, qualifying for surveys.

As mentioned above, you have to qualify and meet certain criteria to participate in surveys. So off the bat, you are very limited to the surveys you can take. You are invited by email periodically to participate in the surveys you are qualified for. And this is by far one of the most frustrating things to their consumers.

And the main other thing is most people see Global Test Market as a “money making opportunity” when it’s actually just a part time rewards hobby. Because most people in general who search for online paid survey opportunities are seeking ways to make money on the internet.

So if you are one of these people, and either joined or thought about joining Global Test Market because you need extra money, then unfortunately paid surveys are not the right opportunities. And not only are you paid in mostly rewards, it’s not like you can just spend an entire day taking survey after survey to earn a ton of rewards for a big pay out.

As mentioned, you are limited and can only take the surveys you are invited to take. So Global Test Market, or almost any online paid survey opportunity isn’t the way to go to earn an extra income from home. There are more “lucrative” and less time consuming ways to do so. 

But if you are one of the people that’s just looking for what some would consider a “fun part time hobby”, then Global Test Market is one of the best paid survey opportunities that you can become part of.

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