Top 5 Money Making Ideas of 2018

Top 5 Home Business Ideas

There are many ideas out there to choose from to make money in this day in age, but know that it only takes just 1 good idea to make you a millionaire..

Now here is a list of 5 specific Money Making Ideas that anyone without any experience can dive right into and profit from this year.

# 1: Freelancing-

If you have a computer, creative skills or just some extra time on your hands, you can become what’s known as a Freelancer! This is a very popular profession for people who loves the idea of working from home and setting their own work schedule each day.

There’s a website that’s called Formerly known as and These two websites recently merged to form is a Freelance network that allows businesses to connect with Independent Freelancers who are available to perform a specific job or task. So if you have skills such as writing, drawing, editing, designing etc, there are businesses who are looking to hire you for a gig and pay you handsomely for your skills. As a Freelancer, you are not an employee. You are 100% independent, and you set your own prices/hourly rate for the projects you complete.

Even if you aren’t very skilled in things like writing, drawing and designing…. maybe a Freelance Virtual Assistant or Customer Service rep is more fitting for you. Business owners are very busy with various tasks. Therefore they need Virtual Assistants to help with things like setting client appointments, responding to customer requests and or answering emails. These skills may be simple, but highly needed by businesses. The sky is the limit when it comes to the type of work you can do as a Freelancer. But know that many Freelancers earn a 6 figure yearly income doing what they do.

# 2: Piano/Violin/Guitar Lessons-

Now maybe giving lessons to play a musical instrument does require you to already have the skill. But if you happen to have a gift of playing a musical instrument such as a Piano, Violin, Guitar etc…. why not get paid for teaching others how to play?

There is a huge demand out there for individuals who are looking to learn how to play a musical instrument! So if you are willing to help people and share your skills and expertise for playing an instrument, this can definitely put a lot of extra cash in your pockets.

Choose when and where you want to give your lessons and charge an hourly rate. The best thing about any paid profession that involves “teaching”, nobody typically learns overnight. Therefore if you are giving lessons by the hour, it is likely you can easily turn this into a business and earn a full time income with just a handful of students each week. Definitely recommended if you have a passion for playing musical instruments.

# 3: Dog Sitting/Walking-

With this idea, you will need to love working with dogs. Dog sitting and Dog walking may seem like something that a teenager would do for extra cash, but in fact there are many people who makes a profession out of it and earns a full time living. 

The demand for this kind of thing is bigger than most people may realize. To most Dog lovers, their Dogs are their children and they desire them to have the kind of care as if they were their child. In this day in age, life is busy and sometimes there isn’t someone available to feed the Dog, let them out to go potty or give them a walk while the owner is working during the day.

That’s why there are many Doggy Daycares to care for Dogs while their owners are at work. And there many people who are independent who does it as well. Someone who truly cares about their Dog wouldn’t leave them at home or outside by them-self for a full 8 hours everyday. Therefore many Dog owners are looking for someone who can take care of their Dog during working hours. This can range from someone having access to their home to come by and feed their Dog, give them a walk and let them potty. Or the alternative is for the owner to drop their Dog somewhere (such as a Doggy Daycare or someone else’s home) to have them do these things.

For this profession, you don’t need any special qualifications aside from knowing basic things on how to care for Dogs. You don’t even need your own facility. If you have your own home or place that allows for pets, then you can do this right from the comfort of your home and have Dog owners drop off their pets each day. Can be a very easy way to earn cash once you get the hang of it!

# 4: Concession Business- 

Starting your own concession stand obviously requires some startup capital, but the kind of profit you can earn from something this simple can be beyond imaginable. Because if there’s a single industry in the world that will always continue to stay in demand regardless of the economy, then that’s the food industry!

As human beings that require eating every single day, people will always buy food regardless of how bad the economy is. There are people that I know of personally who works a few critical seasonal months out of the year with their concession business, earn multiple 6 figures in income, and then take the remainder of the year off to spend with their families.

I know the big question may be “what kind of concession business” to start. Some of the best sellers and most profitable concession businesses that I know of are people who are selling Funnel Cakes, Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, ICEEs, and also simple things like bags of chips, candy bars, pop and bottled water. You don’t have to sell all of these things at a single concession stand, I know many who run concession stands that sells just Funnel Cakes. In the northern US States, many people just looooove Funnel Cakes. I know I do! And there are some that just sell Hot Dogs and soft drinks, and some just very basic things like chips, candy bars, pop and water.

As mentioned, starting your own concession business does require startup capital. And how much startup capital you need for this will depend on the products itself and the kind of concession stand you will operate. The other thing you will need is a Vendors License to sell and a Permit to setup where you’ll be operating. The specific requirements will vary from state to state (if you’re in the US) but is usually very simple to get licensed and will usually cost you less than a couple hundred bucks.

The real costs are going to be investing in the actual concession stand. For example, Funnel Cakes may be one of the more expensive kind of concession stands, especially if you are operating a trailer type of concession stand. A concession trailer can start at around $5,000 – $20,000+ easily for one that’s brand new. And then you will need a good commercial grade funnel cake fryer as well as a fuel source (likely propane or natural gas). Therefore the initial investment can be an upwards of $40,000 – $50,000. Although this may sound like a lot of money, but for someone that’s serious about starting their own business can feel comfortable getting a loan to invest in this industry, because they can easily turn their concession business into a $250,000 or more per year business.

But for someone with a much lower budget can start with basic snacks (chips, candy bars, pop/water). If you have a Costco or Sams Club membership, you can spend as little as a couple hundred dollars and buy these things by the bulk and start selling from something as simple as a table and a chair for your concession stand. Your entire initial investment can be less than $500 to start, including your licenses and permits.

The key to earning big profits in a concession business is not so much the product you are selling, but it’s the “location”. Typically any place where there are lots of people, you will easily sell your concession items. Within large cities may be more competitive with likely other concession stands, but as most people can relate, most of the larger concession stands that’s near or within a big city prices are usually very high. I mean I have seen $4.00 for a Hot Dog and $3.50 for a bottle of water. They can set their prices this high because they understand that people will still buy in predictable numbers, even if it’s expensive. When people are walking on street such as from a baseball or football game, or from a big event in a downtown area, people will get hungry and thirsty from walking and will buy the first thing they see and not worry much about the price.

But how you can stand out from your competition and sell your concession items for just a fair markup from what you paid. Just enough to make it worth your while. For example, at most Costco locations you can buy a 40 pack of bottled water for just $4.99. So if you sold each bottle of water for only $1.00 (which is beyond reasonable for a concession stand price), you will earn $40 per case of water from a $5 investment.

I can go on and on with ideas related to concession stand businesses, but I think you get the point and now have some ideas if this interests you…. So if you are looking for a business with low startup costs, low overhead and a capability of earning money fast, then a concession business would be the business for you. Just keep in mind that location is key (location where lots of people are) will determine how profitable you can be.

# 5: Affiliate Marketing-

In these recent years, Affiliate Marketing sometimes referred to as “Internet Marketing” has become a very high demand multi billion dollar per year industry. I saved this for last, because if you found my website, you are likely someone that’s looking for ways to make money from home, specifically using your computer on the internet. And if that’s you, then I think you will love what I am about to share with you about affiliate marketing.

A very good thing about affiliate marketing is you can start without having any previous experience, only requiring a computer and an internet connection to get started. You can set your own hours and can work from home or anywhere in the world. And the best part is it’s possible to earn from a few extra hundred dollars per week, up to a 6 and 7 figures (yes a $million dollars+) per year in income. 

Now to explain what Affiliate Marketing is… As an Affiliate Marketer, you work independently with a business or businesses to help them sell more of their product and is compensated on a percentage or flat rate amount on each sale. This is somewhat similar to Freelancing, but not exactly. With Freelancing, you are hired and compensated to perform a specific job or task for a business. But an affiliate marketer’s job is primarily focusing on the sales and marketing of the business’s products.

Now if you’re thinking, “Oh, this is just a sales opportunity and not for me”…. think again and take this into consideration… When most people who are not in a sales profession think of anything that involves selling, they think “I’m not a salesman/saleswoman”. But when it comes to affiliate marketing on the internet, you don’t need to be. And not to mention you can sell products effortlessly without directly doing the selling and without talking to anyone on the phone or in person either, once you learn what you are doing. In fact, many affiliate marketers work at home in their underwear and earns the average American employee’s annual salary in a single month.

If the idea of that doesn’t excite you, then I don’t know what will :)… But know that a huge part of my personal income and success has come from affiliate marketing on the internet. The only thing when it comes to affiliate marketing that some may see as a con, is most beginners will not create success overnight with it. It’s not difficult, but as with any high paying profession in life, there is knowledge to gain and skills to be obtained before you can be successful at it.

There are many courses for sales, such as books, videos and even classrooms where successful affiliate marketers teach others how to be successful with it. But if you are interested in learning how to be an affiliate marketer, and want to learn how to earn more money online from doing this than any job has ever paid you, then pay close attention… I have a 100% free video training course to teach you “step by step” how I have earned a multiple 6 figure income with affiliate marketing. I do it without phone calls, without referring family/friends, all 100% online and in my spare time.

To access this free affiliate marketing training course, click the button below for more information on how to access.

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    • michael adamonis

      You are walking the walk. Providing free training. That is a good witness to your faith. God bless you and your family. Keep it up. Great is your reward in Heaven. And now too!!! I too am a devout christian. I try to please our Lord everyday. I fall short often, but God’s mercy and grace keeps me from falling away. Lastly, if it is God’s will, I will become a millionaire. I always tolfd my parent s that. My dad passed about 9 months ago. I want to do it for him.

    • Michael Edgar

      Excellent info, Marvin. I am a Christian too, I am looking forward to learning from you. I am a New Zealander, but the good old web is worldwide! I am getting on a bit now and I am looking for a new income source for my wife and stepson. Just in case I get run over by a bus or something.

    • chris fadero

      Thank you Marvin for your affiliate training course and most of all I am glad that a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is out there teaching with some much misinformation on the web.. Thank you brother.
      I am encouraged to go for it. Will soon start my own blog.

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